Introducing Rax

Rax is a scripting language for behavioral-data exploration. It is based on relational, regular, and temporal algebra and is designed to make big-data modeling easy.

If you need to analyze how customers navigate your web shop, or if you need to find patterns in tv-viewing statistics, or if you need to figure out retail-shopping patterns, Rax is there to help.

Rax empowers data analysts to explore behavioral data in a way that feels intuitive and familiar. Using Rax will speed up the data-analysis process and result in clearer, safer and more portable code that operates directly on your raw data, however big it is.

One script, multiple backends

No more worries about having to rewrite your queries when migrating your data to a new database. Rax handles the subtle differences in SQL dialects for you. With Rax you can switch backends effortlessly.

Light and compact

The expressive power of Rax lets you express complex queries in simple and compact statements. The result: scripts that are easy to read and maintain!

Validate as you go

Print out intermediate results at any point in your script without having to rewrite your queries or create intermediate tables. Exploring your data has never been easier.

Rax supports the big players

Rax supports the most popular database backends. Whether your data lives in the cloud or in your server, Rax can help you extract the most knowledge out of it.

 SQL Server
Rax combines data sources easily and efficiently on our actuarial calculation modules, to our great satisfaction!Meerten Zwiers, Risk Manager PGGM


Rax/SQLite is free for all. You can download it from our download page. If you need a more powerful version, you have the following options:

Academic/startup/freelancer license
Evaluation license
Enterprise license




per year per user

Yes! Rax is free for all academic users. Rax is also free for small companies (contact us for exact licensing terms) and freelancers. Use it, have fun, and if it helps you make big bucks, we'll talk again.

If you're not eligible for a free license but still not convinced that Rax will solve your problems, we can give you an evaluation license to try it first. Typically, an evaluation license is valid for 60 days, but if you need more time, let us know.

Up to 20 hours of support is included in this price. A minimum of 2 users is required. Additional support can be purchased at €100 per hour

If you want to embed Rax in a product, contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Learning Rax

Online tutorial

Start learning Rax today by completing our online tutorial. It will guide you through most basic features, but will also let you discover the advanced temporal features of Rax that make it so unique when analyzing behavioral data.


Browse our comprehensive online documentation to discover the richness of Rax features.


We also provide Rax courses geared towards various use-cases. Our biggest hit is the 2-day Customer-journey analytics with Rax course.

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